Exploring Our World in the LOVE Fruit Stand

We’ve been exploring the world that God created for us to enjoy. This week we focused on Day 5 of creation. Our saints have enjoyed learning how God filled our skies with birds and our ocean with fish.

Our saints have been learning to identify, write, and hear the sound of L, F, E and H. We are also learning to identify and spell our names and our friend’s names. We have enjoyed sharing items from home that represent our letters each week during show & tell.

Each morning our saints are counting days on the calendar, days of the week, and months of the year. We are practicing counting using our fingers and other objects up to 10. We are focusing on identifying numbers 1-5.

Saints have learned the different life stages of butterflies and frogs. We’ve used food, pasta and sequencing activities to help us learn the different stages.

We’ve been exploring the seasons God created. We are now focusing on Fall and the different crops that are harvested during the season. In the coming weeks we will be using our fives senses to hear, taste, smell, see, and touch different fruits and vegetables.

We are looking forward to a great Fall season in the LOVE Fruit Stand!




Exploring our school!

We have been having so much fun these past few weeks exploring our school, meeting new friends, and learning while having fun here in the LOVE fruit stand!

We took a tour of our school and talked about school safety. We also learned about fire safety, and what we can do to stay safe. We have been talking about our emotions and what causes us to show our different emotions. The LOVE saints enjoyed making different faces for each of their emotions!  Continue reading “Exploring our school!”


Welcome CCA parents and friends to the 2017-2018 school year! We are so excited to share this new school year with all of you and look forward to God doing some amazing things in the Love Fruit Stand!

Below you will find a link to our meet the teacher post which will help you get to know us a little bit more. We enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and getting to meet some new faces during our orientation night. We are looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces tomorrow morning!!

Blessings, Mrs.Owens/Mrs. Hanson                                                                                   K2/K3 Love Fruit Stand Teachers                                                                                        Meet the Love Fruit Stand Teachers 2017-2018

Continue reading “Welcome!”


It’s hard to believe that this school year has finished and summer is just around the corner. We have had so much fun in the Love Fruit Stand this year!IMG_3616


It is a bittersweet time as well having to say goodbye to some of you.  It has been a joy and a blessing to be a part of this journey together.

IMG_3634   IMG_3633  IMG_3623  IMG_3632 IMG_3786   IMG_3761

IMG_3785  IMG_3753 IMG_3627

Thank you for sharing your precious children with us! Hope you and family have a fun and relaxing summer and we look forward to seeing you again in the fall!

Love Counts

The saints in The Love Fruit Stand just ended their 3rd quarter with a fabulous performance at their fruitful event. Each saint dressed up as an animal on Noah’s Ark. They told their families why God called Noah to build an ark and what He planned to do to the Earth.

After their performance the saints walked around to different stations teaching their parents all about the different animals they had learned during the third quarter.

Ava and Ana

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs

The saints in The Love Fruit Stand celebrated Dr. Seuss each day this week. On Tuesday we made green scrambled eggs.

The saints added the eggs to a large mixing bowl. They poured in a little water and added green food coloring to go along with their Seuss story, “Green Eggs and Ham.” The caterpillars and butterflies then mixed all the eggs up and watched as we cooked on a portable skillet.

Each saint had the opportunity to taste the green eggs we made. Many saints liked them so much they asked for seconds.

After the saints all tasted and clean up their eggs they decided to share their food with Mrs. Stephens. We walked down to her office and told her to “Try them! Try them! You will like them!” Just like Sam-I-Am from the story.

The saints had a great time cooking with one another and extending their learning from a silly story to real life experiences.


Gone Fishing

During the third quarter, the Saints in The Love Fruit Stand are talking all about how God’s Love Counts.

This week we have explored the underwater world and strengthened our counting skills through fishing.


Each student had the opportunity to go fishing and catch a fish that had a letter, a number, or dots for them to count. After each student caught a fish they has to tell either Miss Cait or Mrs. Owens what letter, numeral, or the amount of dots on their fish.

The saints had a great time fishing and an even better time showing off their letter and number recognition skills.

After fishing on the lake it was time to do a little painting. The saints used shaving cream and Elmer’s glue to make puffy paint. They added a little turquoise, liquid watercolor to the paint and made fabulous ocean creations.


The Value of Free Choice Centers

After a great performance at their second quarter fruitful event, the caterpillars and butterflies enjoyed extra time in free choice centers this week.


Free choice centers are when the saints are allowed to choose the toys they wish to play with in an area of the room or playground that gives them the opportunity to create and use their imagination.

These centers give the child control, allowing for new experiences with a variety of toys.

This concept allows for self choice in a child that is continually told what to do. It also helps to create independence in a child with separation anxiety. In addition, these centers help a shy child become the confident captain of their ship.

This play time of the day, puts our saints in charge and helps to create independent, humble, imaginative, and confident individuals.

Winter Wonderland at CCA

The Love Fruit Stand has been learning all about winter this week. On Monday we brought the snow to Portsmouth, Virginia with some shaving cream fun.

The saints used their sense of touch and smell as they explored the shaving cream.

We even practiced writing our names in the indoor snow.

The saints in The Love Fruit Stand have a lot of great winter activities planned for this week and are excited to show you what they have learned in preparation for their fruitful event in January.