Exploring Our World in the LOVE Fruit Stand

We’ve been exploring the world that God created for us to enjoy. This week we focused on Day 5 of creation. Our saints have enjoyed learning how God filled our skies with birds and our ocean with fish.

Our saints have been learning to identify, write, and hear the sound of L, F, E and H. We are also learning to identify and spell our names and our friend’s names. We have enjoyed sharing items from home that represent our letters each week during show & tell.

Each morning our saints are counting days on the calendar, days of the week, and months of the year. We are practicing counting using our fingers and other objects up to 10. We are focusing on identifying numbers 1-5.

Saints have learned the different life stages of butterflies and frogs. We’ve used food, pasta and sequencing activities to help us learn the different stages.

We’ve been exploring the seasons God created. We are now focusing on Fall and the different crops that are harvested during the season. In the coming weeks we will be using our fives senses to hear, taste, smell, see, and touch different fruits and vegetables.

We are looking forward to a great Fall season in the LOVE Fruit Stand!




Exploring our school!

We have been having so much fun these past few weeks exploring our school, meeting new friends, and learning while having fun here in the LOVE fruit stand!

We took a tour of our school and talked about school safety. We also learned about fire safety, and what we can do to stay safe. We have been talking about our emotions and what causes us to show our different emotions. The LOVE saints enjoyed making different faces for each of their emotions!  Continue reading “Exploring our school!”