Love Counts

The saints in The Love Fruit Stand just ended their 3rd quarter with a fabulous performance at their fruitful event. Each saint dressed up as an animal on Noah’s Ark. They told their families why God called Noah to build an ark and what He planned to do to the Earth.

After their performance the saints walked around to different stations teaching their parents all about the different animals they had learned during the third quarter.

Ava and Ana


Dr. Seuss Green Eggs

The saints in The Love Fruit Stand celebrated Dr. Seuss each day this week. On Tuesday we made green scrambled eggs.

The saints added the eggs to a large mixing bowl. They poured in a little water and added green food coloring to go along with their Seuss story, “Green Eggs and Ham.” The caterpillars and butterflies then mixed all the eggs up and watched as we cooked on a portable skillet.

Each saint had the opportunity to taste the green eggs we made. Many saints liked them so much they asked for seconds.

After the saints all tasted and clean up their eggs they decided to share their food with Mrs. Stephens. We walked down to her office and told her to “Try them! Try them! You will like them!” Just like Sam-I-Am from the story.

The saints had a great time cooking with one another and extending their learning from a silly story to real life experiences.