Fire Safety in the Love Fruit Stand

The Love fruit stand has been talking about how God’s love consumes them and their world. One specific way God and others show love to us is by keeping us safe. This week we’ve been learning about fire safety. We had our first fire drill and the caterpillars and butterflies were ready to show the other saints at CCA the procedures they learned in class.

The Love fruit stand has been incorporating Project Based Learning in their fruit stand. This is an approach to learning that allows the students to choose a project to make. The caterpillars and butterflies chose to answer the question, “How can we construct a fire truck we can use in our classroom?”

They created a fire truck by looking at picture and finding materials that would be used for different parts. You’ll get to see the results of their effort at their fruitful event.


In science, the saints made their very own fire in a cup and extinguished the flames with their makeshift fire extinguisher of baking soda and vinegar.

We have some extremely creative students here at CCA!


Making Sense of Our 5 Senses

This week the LOVE fruit stand explored their senses. Tuesday started with smell and touch as they made their own lemon scented rice and created texture collages out of different materials.

collageWednesday each student made rain shakers to stimulate their sense of hearing and evaluated and tested their theories of salt verses sugar in a taste test.


Thursday was nothing less than SENSEsational with individual stations to stimulate and discover each sense.