Star Wars Day Pictures

The entire staff surprised the students by coming to school dressed up like Star Wars characters. It was a fun day! Scroll down and guess which character your child dressed up as.  🙂 You should find a glow in the dark light saber war in action. 🙂

They especially enjoyed making their own Jedi fighter ships to eat too. 20160205_101825



100 Year Old Preschoolers

We talked about how our bodies change as we grow older. The kids were able to discuss things they noticed were different from their parents and grandparents. We asked them what they thought they would look like when they turn 100. They had many answers, but we felt it was best to take a photo and show them. 🙂 One friend felt they looked more like zombies than not old people.

We wrote down what they thought they would be doing with their mom and dad when their parents turned 100. Their answers were adorable. You will enjoy seeing their responses posted in the hallway at school soon.

Groundhog Day

Where does a groundhog live? How does a groundhog travel?

What better way to build excitement about learning that information than to crawl through some tunnels. 🙂

We made groundhog faces that we could use to help us chart their predictions on whether or not they felt the groundhog was going to see his shadow. Until another friend arrived, we had an even vote. Our chart later showed a 7/6 voting scale.

We found out that the groundhog predicted we will have an early spring.

Our 100th Day of School

Our 100th Day

The kids were involved in some STEM activities. They were given an opportunity to be little engineers. They had to build something using only their imagination and 100 items. They were able to choose between 100 cups, blocks, legos, or popsicle sticks. We think you will find they were quite creative thinkers. They had to work together as team. 🙂

They  counted to 100 using popcorn and a 100 number grid. This was also a great way to assess their individual number recognition. We made us of their five senses too. They had to chart and describe the sound, smell, taste, and look of the popcorn after we popped it using our air popper.

We could not let the day go by without excising to 100. We were surprised how much fun the kids thought it was. They used their small and large motor skills to do a variety of ten different sets of exercise moves to get to 100.

We feel by the end of our day we had 100 reasons that made our day a success. 🙂