Arctic Blast

Polar bears are highlighted in this blog, but we learned about many animals living in the arctic region. Penguins are great swimmers and snow gliders. The children also think they are cute. (so do we) We enjoyed imitating how a penguin walks. During PE, they were able to exercise doing a Penguin Run. That was challenging for many, because they had to make a conscious effort to not run normal. 🙂 It was a great way to introduce self-control and self-discipline.

We used shaving cream to make our polar bears. They had to squeeze the button to get the shaving cream to come out to blend with the glue.

What a great way to help increase their fine motor skills.

What do you know about the Arctic weather or the animals that live in it? We explored the temperature differences between the Arctic region and the Atlantic coast. A large body of water will freeze completely in the Antarctic, but a large body of water in the Atlantic will not. We made icebergs and placed them in some water for the kids to explore the arctic animals that enjoy swimming in the cold water temperature. They also had the opportunity to make arctic snow and discover the animals that lived on the snow land.


IMG_9864 We had many discussions about polar bears.

Here were two of them:

Do you think a polar bear would make a good pet?

Our kids were divided in their opinions.

How tall do you think a polar bear is when he stands tall?

We had the children stand next to one to compare their size difference.


Their learning about polar bears continued during music and movement.


Click on the videos below to enjoy some interaction with your children.  🙂




HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🙂   It was so great to see all of our little saints back in the LOVE Fruit Stand after a nice Christmas break.  Our kids told us about all the family members they saw, and of course, all the cool things they got for Christmas.  🙂  After returning from break, we got started right away preparing for our 2nd Quarter Fruitful Event.  We just love coming together with family and friends, and showing everyone all of the fun and exciting things the children have learned . This quarter our theme was “LOVE Climbs.”  We talked about all the many ways our love can climb, even at their young age.  We learned that when Jesus is in our hearts He helps our love climb daily.  Here are some pictures from our Fruitful event:

As you can see from the pictures, we had an AMAZING time.  The kids did an excellent job showcasing their learning. We truly thank all of the parents, family, and friends that came out and enjoyed our special day.  Now a new quarter is starting, until next time!! …..we hope to see everyone there again! 🙂

Be Blessed! 🙂