The Love Fruit Stand built a farm……

“The Love Fruit Stand built a farm!”

Old McLoveStand had a farm,  E-I-E-I-O!  With some fun, fun here and some fun, fun there, here some fun, there some fun, everywhere some fun, fun!  Old McLoveStand had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!”


20151112_092951IMG_8284IMG_8288  20151110_112625  20151112_102956 20151112_103005

Can you tell we talked about the farm this week?  It was great!

We have mooed, oinked, neighed, quacked and clucked all week! The kids had a ton of fun singing Old McDonald, dancing to Farm Animal Exercise, and pretending to be farm animals.

We talked and learned about the importance of farms, farmers, and the animals on the farm. They were even given hands-on learning fun digging up food from the dirt. They went digging to find potatoes and radishes. We also talked about other vegetables we grow in the ground. We learned that a farm teaches about colors. Corn is yellow, radishes are red, potatoes are brown, onions are white, pumpkins and carrots are orange, green peppers are green, and eggplants are purple.

 The animals teach us colors, as well as providing us with food. Ask your child what food each animal provides us. We talked about cows, chickens, pigs, and goats. They even learned which animals on the farm are working animals. (horse, dog, donkey)

We talked about the days of creation and where things on the farm fell on the time line of creation. God created the animals, plants, and trees that we get food from. Then we talked about Adam and Eve and why we have to work for what we need now. Ask them which animal on the farm was used to make clothes for Adam and Eve.

We did not forget our Veteran’s Day Celebration. We talked about the importance of our military and their service to our country. If we did not have brave men and women willing to serve and risk their lives, we would not be free in America to farm. We prayed for others who have lost brave family members to honor, protect, and serve our country proud. We also prayed for the farmers and truckers that make and deliver our food.  Our preschoolers are learning to let their love climb for others in their community.

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November fun….

This week we started off with a pumpkin investigation.  Last week, we explored the outside and inside of the pumpkin. We even turned the pumpkin into a volcano!  What we wanted to learn this week was what happens to a pumpkin after sitting a few days after gutting it. Does it stay the same? Or does it change? We discovered that some interesting things begin to happen. The seeds begin to sprout roots and the inside starts growing mold. Our friends also thought it stunk!

2015-11-03_09-26-59_237 2015-11-03_09-27-04_627 2015-11-03_09-27-12_452 2015-11-03_09-27-58_624 2015-11-03_09-28-08_650 2015-11-03_09-59-13_846 2015-11-03_09-59-32_478 2015-11-03_09-59-53_969 2015-11-03_10-01-26_70 2015-11-03_10-15-52_709 2015-11-03_10-16-00_820 2015-11-03_10-16-44_105

Our new book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, is a fun book of uppercase and lowercase letters that travel up a coconut tree. We have had fun identifying the letters within the book, in our names, in our environment, and we started to become familiar with the sounds these letters make.

20151029_1154132015-11-02_11-46-47_29 2015-11-02_11-34-04_114 2015-11-02_11-34-01_517 2015-11-02_11-33-56_18 2015-11-02_11-09-05_972 2015-11-02_11-10-01_145 2015-11-02_11-10-43_88 2015-11-02_11-14-40_694 2015-11-02_11-08-58_800 2015-11-02_10-08-50_9472015-11-02_09-47-02_597 2015-11-02_10-07-11_394 2015-11-02_10-05-45_701   IMG_80212015-11-02_10-04-45_936 20151029_115542

Not only have we been working on letters within the book, with various hands-on activities, we also have been working on our number and color recognition.

2015-11-03_09-55-55_61 2015-11-03_09-55-48_684 2015-11-03_09-55-41_581 IMG_8011 IMG_8007 IMG_7998 IMG_7996 IMG_7995 IMG_7994 IMG_7992 IMG_7989 IMG_7988 IMG_7986 IMG_7770 IMG_7769

We continued to learn more about Adam and Eve. One day they broke a very important rule that God gave them. This rule gave them knowledge that had not been previously given to them. Adam and Eve became aware that they were naked and covered themselves with fig leaves. They will find out next week how Adam and Eve’s sin began to change things for them in the Garden of Eden.

2015-11-03_10-30-51_487 2015-11-03_10-30-43_64 2015-11-03_10-30-37_31

We had such fun sharing our coconut with all of preschool. The kids enjoyed coconut bowling. It was such a fun way to do math. 🙂

2015-11-02_10-51-02_150 2015-11-02_10-45-32_530 2015-11-02_10-37-29_879 2015-11-02_10-35-35_443 2015-11-02_10-32-51_399

Pumpkin bread was enjoyed last week. The kids enjoyed making the bread and sharing it with others. 🙂

20151029_095638 20151029_095552 20151029_095445 20151029_09523720151029_09521120151029_09435720151029_095404 20151029_095345 20151029_09580820151029_095935  20151029_094824 20151029_094806 20151029_095107 20151029_095057 20151029_094742 20151029_094729 20151029_095040 20151029_094327 20151029_094337 20151029_094720 20151029_094527 20151029_094505

We had a birthday this week in the Love Fruit Stand. Benton is now 3! 🙂

Next week we will move forward into our November fun and start learning about Fall Harvest Farming and Farmer’s Markets. Stay tuned for our play-through-learning photo ops to appear. 🙂

A new quarter begins…..

Wow! Can you believe we already finished one quarter and embarking on a new one? Boy, does it pass us by quickly when we are enjoying our time together. Here are a few pictures to share how we ended our first quarter.

226 224 219 221 218 212 207 209 203 201 197 191 172 169 166 157 156 153 149 147 145 141 140 136 134 129

Our second quarter will teach us how Love Builds. We will be learning how love builds using many different teaching tools. One of them is a book named, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The kids are enjoying the story already. 🙂 They were able to build additional love for fire fighters this week when they visited them at the Fire Station. They were also able to build friendships while enjoying our Preschool Fall Festival together. Pictures were taken using Mrs. Stephens camera. Be on the look out for photo bombs to be posted on the schools CCA Facebook page.

The most fun was had when we explored the inside of a pumpkin. 🙂

Here are some photos to view to see how we spent the beginning of our second quarter together.

2015-10-30_10-04-10_931 - Copy

2015-10-30_09-15-44_468 - Copy 2015-10-30_09-15-56_700 - Copy 2015-10-30_09-31-39_626 - Copy 2015-10-30_09-50-50_506 - Copy 2015-10-30_10-04-10_931 - Copy 2015-10-30_10-28-23_972 - Copy 2015-10-30_10-33-42_396 - Copy 2015-10-30_10-33-57_17 - Copy 1446210915175 - Copy 1446210915802 - Copy 1446210916995 - Copy 1446210919484 - Copy 1446210928921 - Copy 1446210938129 - Copy 1446210940691 - Copy 1446210941098 - Copy 1446210941426 - Copy 1446210941749 - Copy 1446210942103 - Copy 1446210942969 - Copy 1446210943360 - Copy 1446210948830 - Copy 1446210958375 - Copy 1446210964157 - Copy 1446210972872 - Copy 1446210973944 - Copy 1446210981616 - Copy 1446210986201 - Copy 1446210986632 - Copy 1446210987537 - Copy 1446210989496 - Copy 1446210993383 - Copy 1446210996649 - Copy 1446210998316 - Copy 1446211001587 - Copy 1446211003078 - Copy 1446211004056 - Copy 1446211005243 - Copy 1446211005649 - Copy 1446211006400 - Copy 1446211008413 1446211009334 1446211015706 1446211017256 1446211018992 1446211022230 1446211023324

Fire Safety Week

I thought this was posted 10/9 – but found it labeled as “draft.” So, here it is. Sorry!

When learning about fire safety, one must be able to mimic and example ways of safely dealing with an emergency. With the help of YouTube we were able to show the kids many ways fire fighters bring safety our way. Cell Phone Sally taught us when and how to call 911. We learned that dialing 911 is a big deal and is only to be used in an emergency.

20151008_092730 20151007_115036 20151007_114939 20151007_114836 20151007_114721 20151007_114616 20151007_114510 20151007_114341 20151007_114308 20151007_110647 20151007_095320 20151007_095303 20151007_095127 20151006_103734 20151006_103528 20151006_103558

The children learned that we could be in bed when a fire starts and that fire alarms make us aware of the danger. Our fearless preschool fire fighters saved many friends from a burning kitchen fire this week. They did a great job working together to put out the fires. They had to remember the safety rules so they would not panic. Fear and panic can cost us or a fire fighter their life if we do not follow the safety rules. Therefore, we practiced many emergencies to help us not to panic if we find ourselves in an emergency.

2015-10-07_09-26-06_502 2015-10-07_09-26-09_258 2015-10-07_09-26-56_821 2015-10-07_09-27-03_813 2015-10-08_11-29-24_985 2015-10-08_11-29-29_972 2015-10-08_11-29-47_380 2015-10-08_11-29-54_153 2015-10-08_11-30-05_39 2015-10-08_11-30-06_792 2015-10-08_11-30-16_439 2015-10-08_11-30-22_696 2015-10-08_11-30-54_326 2015-10-06_09-27-01_337 2015-10-06_09-27-23_731 2015-10-06_09-28-22_505 2015-10-06_09-29-30_78 2015-10-06_09-30-25_904 2015-10-06_09-31-01_207 2015-10-06_09-32-31_816 2015-10-06_10-33-56_711 2015-10-06_10-39-59_812 2015-10-06_10-40-36_66 2015-10-06_10-44-14_306 2015-10-06_10-44-42_779 2015-10-06_10-45-18_625 2015-10-06_11-47-46_718 2015-10-06_11-48-54_457 2015-10-06_11-49-01_230 IMG_1977 IMG_1980 IMG_1984 IMG_1988