Some Fun Using Apples

This was a week of exploring apples. 🙂

We were able to use apples to measure, make predictions, learn graphing, and investigate.

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We investigated the beauty of an apple. God made apples so perfectly. We learned if we cut an apple just right we can see a star inside the apple. 🙂 That was cool!

We also discovered a fun way to peel an apple. If we use an apple peeler then the skin comes off in long string pieces. (Thank you Mrs. Canfield for the peeler :-)) We heard some children describing how the skin looked like snakes. They enjoyed using their creativity to make robot guys, the number six, faces, and cars using the skin. 🙂 We made applesauce with the rest of the apple. I should say, the kids made applesauce. They did everything! All we did was guide them. They peeled the apples, cut them, placed them in the crockpot, and added all the ingredients. All we did was turn the crockpot on. We had 16 friends say they enjoyed tasting their applesauce, and 12 of our friends said they did not like it. We were happy that more than average appreciated all their hard work. 🙂

IMG_2910 IMG_2909 IMG_2908 IMG_2906 20151001_094829 20151001_094557 20151001_092544 20151001_092338 20151001_092601 20151001_094355 20151001_094509 20151001_092023 20151001_092000 20151001_091605 20151001_091725 20151001_091806 20151001_092111

We used their small muscles to help cut out apples. We enjoyed seeing them work their muscles and demonstrate some new facial expressions. Those apples helped us to identify colors, identify letters, and build our names.

20150929_113348 20150929_113410 20150929_113513 20150929_113445 20150929_113437 20150929_113533 20150929_113541 20150929_113545

IMG_2888 IMG_2887 IMG_2889


Mryiah thought her and Mrs. Ursua had the same hairdo,

so they had to take a selfie.

IMG_7019 IMG_7018

Come back on for some more news…….  🙂