Chromatography & Symmetry in Preschool?

Chromatography & Symmetry in Preschool?


How do you get little kids excited about leafs you ask……add a parachute, chromatography, and reflective symmetry. Works EVERY TIME!¬†

                          20150922_102302                            20150922_101513  The parachute was a hit!20150922_1022572015-09-22_10-37-57_9682015-09-22_10-39-45_6562015-09-22_10-39-48_897

¬†Do you know what chromatography is? ¬†The kids were learning some interesting facts¬†about chromatography this week. A jump into the FALL Season landed us on a scientific adventure.¬†We talked about how God made everything for a purpose and created it to do what it is designed¬†to do. Leafs change colors in Fall/Autumn before falling to the ground prior to¬†winter. When God created the leaves he said it was very good. ūüôā¬†With that said…..we decided¬†to explore how unique God created a leaf. Were you aware that a leaf can tell us what color it will change into during the Fall season before it does? We did not believe it either! With a ton of excitement, we started a chromatography project. The colors present in a green leaf¬†will¬†identify¬†the hidden pigments in leaves. ¬†According to¬†the kids, this project was “cool, amazing, and awesome.”¬†¬†ūüôā

The Chromatography begins…….the leafs were collected and broken into pieces and placed inside¬†some¬†cups. Afterward, the kiddos took turns pouring rubbing alcohol over the leafs. The last part to our project was to insert a coffee filter inside each cup. They then let the leafs soak over night and waited for the leafs to tell us what color they would change into. They did such an outstanding job being patient and giving the leaves time to talk to us. ūüôā

20150922_094236 20150922_09431420150922_094155

The pictures did not come out great, but the kids were able to view colors like red, yellow, and orange.

Our Reflective Symmetry Exploration

The kids were learning that reflective symmetry is a type of symmetry where one half is the reflection of the other half. We used items the children gathered outside and put them up against a mirror to demonstrate reflective symmetry.

2015-09-24_09-26-48_893 - Copy2015-09-24_09-27-56_2882015-09-24_09-28-15_9022015-09-24_09-31-40_566 - Copy2015-09-24_11-21-26_7442015-09-24_11-22-20_4472015-09-24_09-31-32_7722015-09-24_09-32-22_7842015-09-24_10-39-33_586 - Copy2015-09-24_09-33-12_6752015-09-24_11-20-02_355 - Copy2015-09-24_11-23-40_310¬†This was another great hit with the kiddos! They had such fun talking about the items reflecting in the mirror. This allowed the children to begin¬†thinking outside the box and explore with¬†other items. ūüôā

Creative juices were flowing and conversations were started using something as simple as a leaf that fell on the ground. ¬†ūüôā Never be afraid to allow a child to explore things using their unique curiosity.


We took a walk outside and gathered items such as pine cones, leafs, twigs, popcorn balls, and pine straw. We used those items to create sensory boards, emerge pine cones in water, and make our very own creative forest art.


We could share so much more with you, but we decided to show you the scientific highlights that were our “preschool fan favorites.” ¬†Enjoy the FALL SEASON and come back soon.¬†


A Glance into our 5th Week!

We keep growing! ūüôā Another new friend has joined us this week.

                                                            Introducing: Levi!


We even have a¬†new addition to CCA’s Preschool playground.¬† Someone from Central Baptist Church so graciously donated a wooden train for our playground. ¬†The kids¬†absolutely LOVE it!!!

20150914_100014 20150914_100023 2015-09-15_15-02-55_781 2015-09-15_15-02-59_9682015-09-15_10-29-21_6282015-09-15_10-29-38_7982015-09-15_10-29-45_6242015-09-15_10-30-29_624

In¬†Language Arts this week, we focused on the letter “D.”

How do you get kids familiar with the linear lines? You let them to use their five senses of course. They were able to use wood pieces and wood blocks to create a letter D.¬†¬†They were able to identify the letter ‘D” and describe which line was¬†straight, and which line was the curvy line.20150914_11343120150914_11361720150914_113444

We even transformed our very own letter “D” into doughnuts and dinosaurs!

20150915_091350 20150915_092638

Lastly, using “Handwriting Without Tears”, we worked on our pre-writing skills by learning how to “aim” and “scribble.”

20150914_114341                       Creativity is a must in preschool.

Kids like to use real-time items to help them identify things when learning. We used dinosaurs to help explore the letter D, and a discovery box to¬†“dig through” too.¬†2015-09-16_09-42-48_70 2015-09-16_09-42-52_349 2015-09-16_09-42-55_412 2015-09-16_09-44-01_844 2015-09-16_09-45-33_590 2015-09-16_09-47-38_580 2015-09-16_09-48-29_104 2015-09-16_09-48-42_87 2015-09-16_09-49-28_283¬†2015-09-16_11-02-57_3252015-09-16_11-02-27_14 ¬†2015-09-16_09-53-35_7182015-09-16_11-08-14_47 2015-09-16_11-30-41_503 2015-09-16_11-31-09_549¬†¬†2015-09-16_11-32-53_2942015-09-16_11-32-11_477

The project base learning does not stop for math and science.  

We went on a “Nature Walk” to find some items¬†to use.


Sorting, counting, sequencing, and ¬†time lines…… is an area that is fun to watch young minds explore & demonstrate their ability to make connections by doing.¬†20150915_110957 20150915_111005 20150915_111055¬†2015-09-17_11-42-34_203 2015-09-17_11-43-08_801

We even had fun counting and measuring how long we were!

Using a non-standard measuring tool, our “Very Hungry Caterpillar”puzzle pieces, allowed the kids to count the tiles and say how tall each friend was.¬†

 2015-09-15_09-53-53_718 2015-09-15_09-54-13_359 2015-09-15_09-54-37_478 2015-09-15_09-55-01_990 2015-09-15_09-55-26_386 2015-09-15_09-56-00_285 2015-09-15_09-56-19_353 2015-09-15_09-56-45_358 2015-09-15_09-57-10_614 2015-09-15_09-58-18_226 2015-09-15_09-58-47_461 2015-09-15_09-58-49_171 2015-09-15_09-59-48_264 2015-09-15_10-00-24_852 2015-09-15_10-01-04_22015-09-15_09-53-12_581 2015-09-15_10-02-13_533 2015-09-15_10-03-03_838 2015-09-15_10-03-44_717 2015-09-15_10-04-10_648 2015-09-15_10-04-30_529

While teaching Science, we went on a “Nature Walk” to find some twigs¬†outside. ¬†How did we incorporate those twigs into our learning? We used those twigs to help us identify how cocoons are formed. After making the¬†cocoons and having them hang from the twig, we were able to count how many cocoons were made. 20150914_095724Did you know caterpillars make the cocoons?¬†Plus, when they come out they are not caterpillars anymore? One friend’s response, “What? Are you serious? I can not believe that?” ūüėČ

This led into the¬†start of our discussion about the life-cycle of a butterfly. This project is involving many senses. They are paper mache-ing cocoons. ¬†ūüôā What a mess, but so worth it! They had previously made the egg, the caterpillar, and the butterfly. After the cocoons are formed they will place their caterpillars and butterflies inside. Check it out!

20150917_091942 20150917_091947 20150917_092041 20150917_092700 20150917_093447 20150917_094456


Do you have to make a number 4 with raw materials? NO WAY! 

Take a look at these “human made” number fours.

2015-09-15_09-27-15_875 2015-09-15_09-26-11_30 2015-09-15_09-23-07_984 It took several tries before they figured out how to make one together. This helped increase cooperation skills.

To end another week on a GREAT note, we demonstrated to the Portsmouth Police Department & The Portsmouth Sheriff department, how CCA kids learn to show their love for others from the inside out. What other way is there to learn the concept other than by doing? 20150918_090553The officers felt our love from the INSIDE of our school, and felt our hearts on the OUTSIDE. The way we demonstrated that was by showing love and appreciation to our local police for all they do to keep us safe. The whole school, including the parents, showed their love by giving our police officers cards and goodies during chapel.

20150918_09055320150918_090911 20150918_091323 They were over joyed with appreciation.

It is always a great feeling to share the love that God has put down inside of our hearts. God didn’t give us love to just keep it to ourselves, but to share it with others! ūüôā ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†1442593175274¬†So, in addition to showing love to the officers, we also celebrated and gave love to two friends who had a birthday this week.¬† 1442593190553

Thanks for taking a glance at our week, and as always, we invite you to come back next week to see the creative ways we have explored!

Have a very blessed weekend! ūüôā

Learning is always fun in the Love Fruit Stand.

In our class we learn by doing.

We were using our five senses to assist us¬†with our hands-on¬†learning this week. We were investigating¬†and studying the way the letter C is curved. We found out that we can use blocks to make a¬†letter C, but it is not as curvy. ¬†The kids were introduced to new vocabulary. They learned¬†that the word “car” starts with the letter C. This ultimately intrigued them enough to turn this letter C into a racetrack.

IMG_6545IMG_6544 IMG_6543 IMG_6542 IMG_6541 IMG_6540 IMG_6539IMG_6546

The kids decided to use their feet to assist in the discovery sense of touch. This was used during our Social Studies lesson about the meaning of Labor Day and our discussion about the American Flag.

IMG_6530 IMG_6529 IMG_6527 IMG_6526IMG_652520150908_09360820150908_093142

We talked about who our creator is and how He gave us our five senses. God blessed us with our sense of taste. We are all made unique and each of us enjoy different tastes. We choose to see who enjoyed sour tasting foods. By their faces I think you will be able to tell who did and did not have a taste for things sour. ūüėČ

20150910_110549 20150910_110547 20150910_110546 20150910_110545 20150910_110516 20150910_110515 20150910_110514 20150910_110510 20150910_110509 20150910_110508 20150910_110433 20150910_110430 20150910_110429 20150910_110427 20150910_110426 20150910_110348 20150910_110347 20150910_110342 20150910_110341 20150910_110340 20150910_110303 20150910_110300 20150910_110258 20150910_110257 20150910_110254 20150910_110253 20150910_110252 20150910_110212 20150910_110211 20150910_110210 20150910_110207 20150910_110204 20150910_110202 20150910_110201 20150910_110200 20150910_110125 20150910_110122 20150910_110121 20150910_110120 20150910_110013 20150910_110012 20150910_110009 20150910_110007 20150910_110007(0) 20150910_105928 20150910_105925 20150910_105923 20150910_105922 20150910_105921 20150910_105806 20150910_105804 20150910_105803 20150910_105801 20150910_085622 20150910_085618 20150910_085614 20150910_093220 20150910_093206 20150910_093153 20150910_093147 20150910_093141 20150910_08550120150910_08550020150910_08550820150910_08550620150910_08545820150910_08534820150910_08534520150910_08534420150910_085340  20150910_08502220150910_085032   20150910_085026   20150910_085031 20150910_08502120150910_08502420150910_08515220150910_08513820150910_08515420150910_08513420150910_08485220150910_08484920150910_084851

Our sense of touch was one of bravery. Everyone had to reach their hand inside what appeared to be a bowl of water. Inside the water however, they felt clear invisible water balls. Definitely a favorite! ūüôā Listening to them describe what they were feeling was interesting to say the least.

20150910_085436 20150910_085423 20150910_085420    20150910_08543820150910_08553920150910_085533   20150910_08554220150910_08554020150910_085229 20150910_085155            20150910_092401 20150910_092301 20150910_092218 20150910_092153  20150910_08481820150910_084953    20150910_08494920150910_085112  20150910_085106

We are learning that our bodies are temples and we should pay attention to what we put inside our bodies. God’s word teaches us that our bodies are created by Him and we should take good care of it. With that said, how do we encourage children to try new food items that are on the healthy side? Hmmmm, creativity!! One can not introduce beautiful greens like kale and spinach leaves and expect a child to jump with joy. Well, when you add a blender, ice, bananas, green apples, honey, and peanut butter, the kids do jump for joy. We made our version of a healthy green drink. Each child took part in the process of making our drink. To our surprise, the majority of the kids enjoyed their drink. Mrs. Wilkins even said she was surprised at the delicious flavor. So, if you have trouble getting your kids to each their fruit or veggies, blend it and turn it into a delicious drink. ūüôā

20150911_085200 20150911_085151 20150911_085148 20150911_084356 20150911_084231 20150911_084136 20150911_084111 20150911_084056 20150911_084014 20150911_084011 20150911_083939 20150911_083806 20150911_083747 20150911_083730 20150911_083713 20150911_083640 20150911_083624 20150911_083556 20150911_083534 20150911_083534(1) 20150911_083405 20150911_083323 20150911_083033 20150911_083025

Timmy Triangle was created. The whole class took part in creating, discovering, and measuring Timmy Triangle. Timmy Triangle has three sides. They discovered no matter how they turned Timmy he still had three sides and looked like a triangle.

20150909_115659 20150909_115615 20150909_115547 20150909_115515

Mrs. Wilkins and I were able to watch and interact with each child as they identified healthy and non-healthy foods. Ask you child why healthy foods are better to fuel your body with. Whether they decided to paint their healthy food, work on a food collage, food matching identification, or role play in the kitchen demonstrating healthy cooking, we were able to assess many areas of learning.

20150909_110957 20150909_092549 20150909_092516 20150909_084157 20150909_084004 20150909_083755 20150908_105539  20150908_105529 20150908_105526 20150908_105520 20150908_105512

We always have a project or two we are working on together. We were able to continue assessing their dexterity and control to make their firecracker projects using bottles of water. We have also started working on our literacy book project and our alphabet book project. We can not wait until both are complete.

20150908_1055332015-09-10_11-47-35_1942015-09-08_11-27-33_230 2015-09-08_11-26-34_964

2015-09-09_08-53-50_2022015-09-09_08-53-29_505 2015-09-10_11-45-45_510

Stay tuned for the disclosure of next weeks’ excursions at CCA.

A quick peek at our week.

As public school is just starting, we are moving steadily along in the Love Fruit Stand. Everyone is settling into our daily routine and is always¬†eager to engage together and learn.¬†Mrs. Wilkins and I are both so pleased with how well our kids are adjusting. We have to admit though, we make it easy for them. We keep them engaged in numerous activities it is hard “not” to have a good day. ūüôā

Our first day back this week involved patriotic fun in honor of Labor Day.

We used¬†of our five senses to make these water bottle fireworks. They were able to taste the water, feel the chenille wire, twist and bend the chenille wire prior to sticking them into the bottles, added white ribbon, used glitter to have the fireworks sparkle, and the big show was hearing and shaking the fireworks.¬†Penelope’s Air Force Bear was present and enjoyed the show.

2015-09-10_11-47-44_826 2015-09-10_11-47-42_928 2015-09-10_11-47-40_356 2015-09-10_11-47-37_939 2015-09-10_11-47-35_194 2015-09-10_11-47-30_658 2015-09-10_11-47-25_4382015-09-10_11-46-46_287

We enjoyed making our caterpillars as we started our investigation into The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. We are using our caterpillars to help determine how many letters are in our name.

 2015-09-10_09-47-49_551 2015-09-10_08-55-52_649 2015-09-10_08-55-47_486

Of course, you can not talk about caterpillars without talking about butterflies.  2015-09-09_11-22-01_800 2015-09-09_11-23-24_31 We used spray bottles to help create them.

We talked about how God created many ways for us to explore the world around us. We are talking about our five senses and allowing the children to engage in activities that encourages them to use and notice which sense they are using. 2015-09-09_11-12-51_73920150908_09314220150908_10551220150908_10552620150908_10552920150908_10553320150908_10553920150909_08375520150909_08400420150909_08415720150909_09251620150909_09254920150909_11095720150909_11100420150909_11551520150909_11554720150909_11561520150909_11565920150910_09215320150910_09221820150910_09230120150910_09240120150910_09314120150910_09314720150910_09315320150910_09320620150910_09322020150910_10532520150910_11433120150910_11433420150910_11434020150910_11434720150910_11440520150910_11441120150910_11455720150910_115924

On Friday, we brought in healthy food options.¬†Each child was able to assist in making a healthy green drink. We used kale, spinach, green apples, honey, and peanut butter. The majority of our friends drank it up and asked for more. ūüôā Success! ūüôā


Socializing on the playground allows each child an opportunity to explore alone or in a group. We just adore the bonds that are being formed and the friendships that are continuing to grow.

2015-09-09_10-44-59_803 2015-09-09_10-18-36_546 2015-09-09_10-38-54_966 2015-09-09_10-37-44_357 2015-09-09_10-37-42_701 2015-09-09_10-37-38_792 2015-09-09_10-18-40_251 2015-09-09_10-44-43_818 2015-09-09_10-44-34_679 2015-09-09_10-44-25_128 2015-09-09_10-44-04_607 2015-09-09_10-43-29_44 2015-09-09_10-43-19_173 2015-09-09_10-43-17_245 2015-09-09_10-43-09_598 2015-09-09_10-42-25_205 2015-09-09_10-41-51_334 2015-09-09_10-41-44_572 2015-09-09_10-41-40_565 2015-09-09_10-41-28_251 2015-09-09_10-41-15_21 2015-09-09_10-41-08_138 2015-09-09_10-40-57_885 2015-09-09_10-40-42_196 2015-09-09_10-40-33_30 2015-09-09_10-40-31_392 2015-09-09_10-40-24_19 2015-09-09_10-40-14_815 2015-09-09_10-40-08_160 2015-09-09_10-39-57_588 2015-09-09_10-39-51_636 2015-09-09_10-39-47_54 2015-09-09_10-39-35_490 2015-09-09_10-39-19_637 2015-09-09_10-39-14_2 2015-09-09_10-39-01_30

Please come back on to learn more about our week. ūüôā Part two is on the way. We have so much more to share with you. If you like to read the paper on the weekend, read our blog instead. You will be in for such a treat. We have informative information with pictures attached that is sure to make you smile. Happy Friday Night!

This week in the LOVE Fruitstand!

What another GREAT week of exploring and learning in the LOVE Fruit stand. ¬†We welcomed new friends to our group. Our Group is growing! God is good! ūüôā

Lula                                   A.J                            Mrs. Ursua

20150831_082143 2015-09-02_14-42-01_351 2015-09-04_10-09-02_861

This week we talked about our feelings and emotions.  We took turns sharing about what makes us happy, sad, angry, scared, tired, or even surprised! Can you guess the emotions we are feeling by our faces?

20150831_083622 20150831_083712 20150831_083751      20150831_084143 20150831_084119 20150831_084009 20150831_08385220150831_084239 1441294009486 2015-08-31_09-57-11_231 2015-08-31_09-55-23_430 2015-09-03_11-11-59_37214412936888372015-08-31_09-53-13_338 2015-08-31_09-52-17_800 2015-08-31_09-49-23_204 2015-08-31_09-48-33_711 2015-08-31_09-46-25_449 1441293752911 1441293728827   1441293157029 1441293139480 1441293133404 1441293109794 2015-09-03_11-13-45_457 2015-09-03_11-13-29_549 2015-09-03_11-12-41_118

We did a good job doing a feeling sort.

20150831_105201 20150831_105343 20150831_105638

Reading one of¬† our favorite books,”No! David!” by David Shannon, not only help us remember why it is important to follow the rules, but we got to see and identify¬†the different emotions that David experienced throughout the book by looking at his facial expressions.¬† Of course, we had to make our very own “David” with a facial expression/emotion that we chose to show.

20150901_084807 20150901_0848192015-09-04_12-59-53_5592015-09-04_13-00-05_392015-09-04_13-03-09_800

For a cool science project, we talked about how sometimes when we get angry, it builds up and builds up until it EXPLODES!!…like a volcano.¬† So we made a volcano using vinegar, food coloring, ¬†and baking soda.

1441115980324 1441115972144 1441115953283 1441115945827 1441115924984 1441115917031 1441115915036 1441115892847 1441115792501 1441115773069 1441115756883 1441115727564 1441115679805 1441115654716 1441115642427 1441115556749 1441115547352 1441115491345 1441115451535 1441115440496 1441115421597 1441115405643 1441115355469 1441115335335 1441115294786 144111526745120150901_105209  2015-09-01_09-48-27_490  20150901_1051592015-09-01_09-45-42_92520150901_104920  20150901_104933 2015-09-01_09-48-41_2412015-09-01_09-47-59_153

We learned how many letters are in our name.

2015-09-03_09-57-21_45 1441288659307 1441288697469

We had fun exploring the letter B with an online technology Letter B Puzzle Game.

We also made letter B’s using colored squares.

1441288747178 1441288645530 2015-09-03_09-57-27_501

The Self-Control Fruit Stand helped us learn about emotions too. We had a great time making “monster emotion puppets” and learning about self-control. What fun it was helping them build “their” class puppet.

1441121656571 1441121647324 1441121643567 1441121571132 1441121569438 1441121534403 1441121310561 1441121135672 1441121055297 1441121052985 1441120463424 1441120428595 1441120426845 1441120394653 1441120214800 1441120134887 1441120109181 1441120026877 1441120025321 1441120015330 1441120000901 1441119988702 1441119949158

The kids also had fun making Inside Out emotion potion bottles. ūüôā It gave us another opportunity to discuss the emotion color wheel and¬†learn which¬†colors represent an emotion.


The best morning snack of the week was the emotion pancakes they made. What a fabulous job everyone did being patient and waiting their turn to help assist in the making process. We used blueberries and peaches to create our faces.

20150902_075103 20150902_075145 20150902_075230 20150902_075309 20150902_075724 20150902_075819 20150902_075909 20150902_080005 20150902_080346 20150902_081657

1441198835012 1441198816369 1441198811907 1441198655758 1441198645817 1441198639501 1441198631057 1441198625194 2015-09-02_09-00-03_712 2015-09-02_08-59-59_369 2015-09-02_08-57-28_752

20150902_085725 20150902_085733 20150902_085742 20150902_085746 20150902_085752 20150902_085808 20150902_085824

The most important part of our week is what we learned during bible.  We are learning about the creation story.  To correlate with learning the numbers 1 and 2 this week, we found out what God created on Day 1 and Day 2.  On the first day, God created light.  On the second day, God separated the sky from the seas. God is good.

20150901_094420 20150901_094426 20150901_094429


Today we¬†ended our week¬†dancing and singing praises to God by having our own Preschool Chapel. ūüôā

20150904_091839 20150904_092301 20150904_092552 20150904_092556

Later on, we also enjoyed story time with Mrs. Holland in the library.  She even read a book to go along with our theme for the week about emotions.

2015-09-04_10-34-02_882 2015-09-04_10-34-11_559 2015-09-04_10-34-12_887 2015-09-04_10-37-48_577 2015-09-04_10-37-57_619 2015-09-04_10-58-27_686 2015-09-04_10-58-31_613 2015-09-04_10-58-37_127

Lastly, we enjoyed a yummy “Emotion cookie” that we made right before lunch.¬† They were DELICIOUS!!!

2015-09-04_11-54-37_515 2015-09-04_11-54-39_107 2015-09-04_11-54-46_181 2015-09-04_11-56-33_103 2015-09-04_11-56-39_300 2015-09-04_11-56-43_362 2015-09-04_11-56-48_422 2015-09-04_11-56-54_873 2015-09-04_11-56-58_284 2015-09-04_11-57-02_952 2015-09-04_11-57-07_625 2015-09-04_11-57-11_121 20150904_115555 20150904_115559 20150904_115602 20150904_115610 20150904_115614 20150904_115618

We hoped you enjoyed a sneak peek in our week!¬† Come back and check out what other GREAT adventures we have in store for us next week! ūüôā