Take a Peek at our First Week


The build up and the hype about the fist week of school is a day most kids are super excited about…..until, the first day of school. The emotion from one child to another always seems to fluctuate and not all come as excited as they were before having to say goodbye to Mom and Dad. This year however, we can proudly say, was the exception to the rule. Every new friend came in excited, eager, and happy to meet new friends. The majority of tears that were seen were from Mom and Dad. Those are tears that represent milestones that their child is reaching. It is hard to let go and watch children grow, until we see them growing their personalities and showing along the way everything they have learned.

Our adventure begins in the Love Fruit Stand. Take a look and say hello to each new Caterpillar and Butterfly.

DSC03174DSC03164 DSC03165 20150825_15060720150826_090652DSC03163 DSC03162 DSC03161 DSC03160 DSC03158 DSC03157 DSC03156 DSC03155 DSC03153 DSC03151 DSC03147 DSC03148 DSC03146 DSC03144 DSC03143  20150825_1504202015-08-26_10-21-44_156Ezra

They walked the halls of their school and discovered new experiences awaiting them. They learned other fruitful classes will come alongside them and help them learn, that the library has rows of books for them to enjoy, the office is a place where booboos get fixed, that a dancing snoopy is in Mrs. Stephens office waiting to dance with them, and that the cafeteria offers more to do than eat. They can make recipes or attend chapel in the cafeteria too. What fun they had discovering that learning does not end when they leave their classroom.

20150825_085747 20150825_085507 20150825_085501 20150825_085439 20150825_085436 20150825_083855

Our caterpillars and butterflies began their first adventure in prek learning about Love, Day 1 of Creation, the number one, the color red, the circle shape, and their first bible verse of the year. (Genesis 1:1) We used the theme “All about Me” to help learn about some of those things. Self-portraits were made, letter games were played, fine motor was used to help make circles, sensory fun was offered to find buried letter A and color red items to talk about, and story books were used to offer more ways to learn. “The Kissing Hand” offered them a chance to make cookies along with learning how to come to school with some love from mommy and daddy.

2015-08-27_09-25-11_603 2015-08-27_09-29-42_317 2015-08-27_09-29-44_525 2015-08-27_09-25-09_915 2015-08-27_09-29-58_881 2015-08-27_09-30-19_333 2015-08-27_09-33-08_84 2015-08-27_09-33-09_717 2015-08-27_09-33-13_837 2015-08-27_09-33-18_614 2015-08-27_09-33-20_128 2015-08-27_09-33-21_783 2015-08-27_09-34-37_852 2015-08-27_09-34-40_15 2015-08-27_09-36-10_213 2015-08-27_09-36-11_895 2015-08-27_09-36-13_358 2015-08-27_09-36-46_141 2015-08-27_09-36-47_819 2015-08-27_11-11-35_914 2015-08-27_11-11-38_816 2015-08-27_11-11-47_52 2015-08-27_11-15-27_470 2015-08-27_11-15-30_312 2015-08-27_11-15-38_532 2015-08-27_11-15-40_35 2015-08-27_11-15-41_586

So, what did we do this week? We learned how to have fun while we learn. We were hunters, explorers, bakers, singers, and dancers.

20150828_110916 Making Circles with Red paint.

20150828_11304520150828_113002  A Visit from Gabby’s mom to read to us.

DSC0316820150828_09131120150827_115100DSC03169 Getting to know one another……

20150827_111457   DSC03181 DSC03180 DSC03179 DSC03177 DSC03178 DSC03172 DSC03171  DSC03167 DSC03166 DSC03136 DSC03135 DSC03170  DSC03173

….And of course, there was so much more. Please come back to discover more next week.

2015-08-26_10-31-07_201 2015-08-26_10-31-12_568 2015-08-26_10-31-23_632 2015-08-26_11-00-13_48 2015-08-26_10-59-59_758 2015-08-26_10-59-41_247 2015-08-26_10-59-29_201 2015-08-26_11-04-09_393 2015-08-26_11-03-48_111 2015-08-26_11-03-23_384 2015-08-26_11-01-57_474 2015-08-26_11-01-45_66 2015-08-26_11-01-33_238 2015-08-26_11-01-20_452 2015-08-26_11-01-16_470 2015-08-26_11-01-01_328 2015-08-26_11-00-59_535 2015-08-26_11-00-25_263 2015-08-26_11-07-32_322 2015-08-26_11-07-30_502 2015-08-26_11-07-19_532 2015-08-26_11-05-14_143 2015-08-26_11-04-38_386  2015-08-26_11-08-28_931 2015-08-26_11-08-26_192 2015-08-26_11-07-51_725 2015-08-26_11-07-48_145 2015-08-26_10-19-34_859 2015-08-26_10-17-58_879 2015-08-26_11-08-52_492015-08-26_10-15-55_872 2015-08-26_10-15-10_934 2015-08-26_10-15-08_393 2015-08-26_10-13-46_930 2015-08-26_10-13-43_951 2015-08-26_10-12-55_307 2015-08-26_09-39-30_466  2015-08-26_09-38-03_24 2015-08-26_09-37-57_687 2015-08-26_09-37-54_431 2015-08-26_09-37-44_139 2015-08-26_09-37-28_325 2015-08-26_09-37-23_914 2015-08-26_09-37-19_357 20150828_1033592015-08-26_09-38-10_90


Ready, Set, Go….the New School Year is here.

The Caterpillars and Butterflies Welcomes you to a new school year!

The Love Fruit Stand teachers would like you to know a little about them outside of being your child’s teacher. Press the links below to find out some interesting tidbits about Mrs. Pierce and Mrs. Wilkins.

Mrs. Pierce 20150821131701  Mrs. Wilkins  20150821135609

Learning is fun! Everyday is a new adventure in preschool. You will find us exploring, inventing, creating, molding, becoming scientist, or even artists. We love to sing, dance, and laugh. Come explore with us and see what all the hype is about!

Welcome to a New Year


We are looking forward to a fabulous year growing with your child. Your child is embarking into a preschool community where “Love” is a way of life. Through nurturing, modeling, and interaction your child will excel to new heights academically and socially. We welcome you into a world full of                                 play through learning experiences.

Mrs. Wilkins and Mrs. Pierce are thrilled to have such a fantastic group of kids ready to explore with us. Be on the lookout for future learner news. 🙂

School starts next week – see you in the preschool community!