100th Day

How can a preschooler have fun on the 100th day of school? 

Paint 100 squares. 🙂

2015-02-06_10-16-33_14 2015-02-06_10-15-05_60 2015-02-06_10-16-39_625 2015-02-06_10-16-42_476 2015-02-06_10-17-06_559 2015-02-06_10-17-10_485 2015-02-06_10-17-15_420

We even counted 100 Gumballs when we made our Gumball Machines. 🙂

(I will have to add pictures later. –                                                                                                                                                                         Somehow, I didn’t take a single picture of anyone making theirs. I will post their finished products.)

** We had fun sorting out 100 different objects.**

To make it simple we found 10 different items and counted each one to ten and placed them in their own basket.  We ran out of time, but we still have to finish gluing those objects onto a poster board to tell a story. 🙂 Be on the lookout next week for the finished product. 

Sorting 100 items allowed for some good conversation. What 100 things would you like? Maddox shared he would like 100 monkeys. Aubree and Morgan would like 100 puppies. Alex said he didn’t know. Charlie said he wanted 100 cars. Ryan said 100 toys. Jesse said apples and Lola said hugs.  🙂 Mason said 100 mickey mouse and cars. We all giggled and had a good time thinking of 100 things we would like to have. Next week, our conversation hearts should produce some more interesting conversations between us.

Then of course, we had to add some fun counting to 100 with legos. Who doesn’t like legos?

We tried to make a 100 tall lego tower, but it kept falling. 😦 We counted by 10’s sorting out the different sizes before adding them all together to 100. The kids had such fun sorting the bins and searching for each matching set. When we were all done they were each able to create their own masterpieces. 🙂 

2015-02-06_11-23-56_610 2015-02-06_11-24-00_644 2015-02-06_11-24-56_751

2015-02-06_11-25-34_285 2015-02-06_11-25-38_736 2015-02-06_11-25-40_337 2015-02-06_11-26-20_956 2015-02-06_11-26-32_939 2015-02-06_11-26-38_696

We finished off with our 100 count popcorn party. Somehow, I think they were less concerned about counting the popcorn. 🙂 Eating the popcorn was the highlight of their day. 🙂