This week’s news.

Can you believe we are getting closer to ending the 2014 year? Wow! Here it is mid November and we were finally able to discuss the season of Autumn. Leaf Man was a hit. What a fun way to learn about Fall leaves. If you have not read the book, “Leaf Man,” check it out on YouTube. We also were able to finish up some projects and learning on the farm. Unfortunately, we did not take a lot of pictures this week. 😦  Sorry! Some of the projects did not allow me time to take pictures. I had to offer lots of assistance or direction. 😉 I will take some pictures in the upcoming week of some of their projects and post them. (like leaf man)

The Big Pig, The Cow say Moo, Leaf Letters, Old McDonald, and Animals on the Farm were the favorites of the week. We practiced our class Christmas song everyday. I think we all have it stuck in our head when we are trying to sleep. 😉 Each child will be dressed up like a cow, sheep, or donkey for our Christmas Pageant. They are going to look so cute singing their song in their costumes. 🙂

The next week and a half we will focus on our  Pilgrimage history of Thanksgiving. I am excited to share the story of Stone Soup. I will be asking each child to bring in one can or fresh vegetable to assist in creating our Stone Soup. This is always a fun activity that the whole class enjoys. They have some surprises in store for them this week. Our Thanksgiving theme will bring forth some fun and exciting learning experiences in science, math, and art. I can not wait to share! 🙂 The Thanksgiving story leads into the story and birth of Jesus. I am super excited to share the love of Jesus and the reasons why to be thankful and blessed. 🙂 We learned that Jesus is our Good Shepherd this week. The upcoming stories will explain Jesus’s life, the life he walked, and the reasons why he did. We are learning how to show love and how to love Jesus in the Love Fruit Stand. 🙂


A Week On The Farm

This week we went on an adventure to the Farm. We did not go to a literal farm, but we saw pictures of farms, learned about farming, farm animals, and crops. The kids had fun learning various vegetables that are grown for us to eat. We counted  seven different colors in our crop discovery. The kids had fun singing our “Throw In The Pot” yummy soup song in the kitchen center. That was one of those rare moments when they were allowed to throw something. 😉

We made sure to thank God for farmers. We discovered that a farmers job is very exhausting and hard. We appreciate all that  farmers do to provide for us. We took a vote on how many liked milk, bacon, eggs, corn, carrots, potatoes, chicken, and steak. Chicken received the highest vote. Ask your child about the life cycle of a chicken. We had a lot of fun creating their baby chicks. 🙂 Soon you will be seeing your baby chicks in the hallway. 😉 We have one more day on the farm. Afterward, we will move forward discovering changes that occur in the Fall.

The funniest part of our learning was imitating farm animal sounds. The kids find it funny when the teacher makes an animal sound. 😉 They were learning through our bible story of “The Lost Sheep” how similar a job the farmer and shepherd share caring for their animals. We talked about  how God is our Shepard and we are His sheep. We started learning our song for the Christmas program. We look forward to sharing it with all the parents at the Christmas program.

In Science we learned about sheep’s wool and how it is removed. We continued our learning with crop soil and how to prepare it for harvesting crops. The most fun, was opening our pumpkin from last week and viewing what grew inside. (gross -lol) Pumpkin, anyone? 😉 In math counting and sorting was done with barn animals, fruits, and vegetables. Our letter learning was focusing on the first letter of each animal learned. Some of the kids even attempted to sequence some letters and numbers in order. See if you can figure out the animals by their first letters. (S,C,D,P,C,H,H,F) Be sure to share with your child for the answers. 🙂

We also welcomed a new friend this week. Her name is Faith Owens. Yeah, we are growing with girls. 🙂

Enjoy the photos below of some of our week.

2014-11-06_07-59-37_813 2014-11-06_14-59-43_731 2014-11-06_14-59-55_172 1415303970741 1415303998924 110_7689 110_7690 110_7691 110_7692 110_7693 110_7694 110_7695 110_7696 110_7697 110_7699 2014-11-05_09-29-36_177 2014-11-05_09-29-39_301 2014-11-05_09-53-15_754 2014-11-05_09-54-34_866 2014-11-05_09-57-31_237 2014-11-05_09-58-24_697 2014-11-05_09-58-39_220 2014-11-05_09-59-06_862 1415197691073 1415197693764 1415197698574 1415197729086 1415197784770 1415197787120 1415197794924 1415199192627 1415199199563 1415199272904 1415199275453 1415199450760 1415199485572 1415199517382 2014-11-04_10-09-26_846 2014-11-04_10-09-47_166 - Copy 2014-11-04_10-09-58_139 - Copy 2014-11-04_10-13-10_816 - Copy 2014-11-04_10-13-21_841 - Copy 2014-11-04_10-13-37_17 - Copy 2014-11-04_10-15-13_120 - Copy 2014-11-04_10-17-07_588 2014-11-04_10-17-12_645 2014-11-04_10-18-45_220 - Copy 2014-11-04_10-18-51_166 - Copy 2014-11-04_10-20-05_34 2014-11-04_10-23-50_445 - Copy 2014-11-04_10-24-14_681 2014-11-04_10-24-18_3 - Copy 2014-11-04_10-24-23_208 2014-11-04_10-25-10_212 2014-11-04_10-25-52_600 2014-11-04_10-26-03_480 2014-11-04_10-29-06_561 2014-11-04_10-29-23_105 1415114193356 1415114195588

Fall Harvest Week

This week we welcomed a new friend, Cadence Hill. We were excited to finally have her with us. She was given such a warm welcome by all her classmates.

2014-10-27_15-06-12_897 2014-10-27_08-34-59_236 2014-10-27_09-00-39_891 2014-10-28_11-15-12_517

We started our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom unit book. The children had fun this week helping the alphabet climb up the coconut tree. They thought it was funny when the letters chased the numbers out of the coconut tree. We went hunting for letters in the alphabet line.


We explored a pumpkin. That produced many question about the guts inside. The kids had fun making their own pumpkin patch. I can not wait to get them up in the hallway for you to enjoy. They of course, did not forget to make a scarecrow to protect their pumpkin patch. The scarecrow will also come in handy next week to help protect our farm crops.

2014-10-29_09-56-33_202 2014-10-29_09-56-45_239 2014-10-29_11-44-15_448 2014-10-29_11-44-20_204

Our Fall Harvest Festival turned out great. All of our parent volunteers helped it run smoothly. We have rock-in parents. 🙂 There was fun happening between every preschooler. I love the unity and excitement they have for one another. There was a lot of pumpkins and scarecrows running around. At least, until they got their face painted. 😉

DSC02871 DSC02876 DSC02877 DSC02880 DSC02890 DSC02891 DSC02896 DSC02897 DSC02903 DSC02910 DSC02911 DSC02913 DSC02919 DSC02920 DSC02923 DSC02928 DSC02929 DSC02932 DSC02934 DSC02935 DSC02938 DSC02940 DSC02945 DSC02948 DSC02950 DSC02954 DSC02959 DSC02980 DSC02997 DSC02882 DSC02971 DSC02975 DSC02978 DSC02983 DSC03002 DSC03015 DSC03025 DSC03031

We explored the letter A with a bible story. A for Awesome. How “awesome” is our God who provides all things. He was a provider of safety when he parted the Red Sea. God is good. Our next bible story will begin our study of thankfulness and thanksgiving. Each week will lead up to our Thanksgiving lesson.