The Very Hungry Caterpillar Literacy Event

We had our 1st Literacy Event. 🙂

What a successful day. The kids did an outstanding job showcasing their learning.

A huge thank you goes out to all the parents and grandparents. You helped make our day come together.

Enjoy some of the pictures from our day.

DSC02856 DSC02857 DSC02858 DSC02859 DSC02860 DSC02861 DSC02862 DSC02863 DSC02864 DSC02865 DSC02866 DSC02867 DSC02868

DSC02794 DSC02795 DSC02796 DSC02797  DSC02799 DSC02798DSC02800 DSC02801 DSC02802 DSC02803 DSC02804 DSC02805 DSC02806 DSC02807 DSC02808 DSC02809 DSC02810 DSC02811 DSC02812 DSC02813 DSC02814 DSC02815 DSC02816 DSC02817 DSC02818 DSC02819 DSC02820 DSC02821 DSC02822 DSC02823 DSC02824 DSC02825 DSC02826 DSC02827 DSC02828 DSC02829 DSC02830 DSC02831 DSC02832 DSC02833 DSC02834 DSC02835 DSC02836 DSC02837 DSC02838 DSC02839 DSC02840 DSC02841 DSC02842 DSC02843 DSC02844 DSC02845 DSC02846 DSC02847 DSC02848 DSC02849 DSC02850 DSC02851 DSC02852 DSC02853 DSC02855DSC02854


Fire Safety

What a fun time we had learning about fire safety. Their were two favorite songs this year. They were 911 and Fire Truck. Both songs help teach them when to call a Fireman. We had a visit from the Firemen and watched them put on fire safety equipment that protect them when going into a fire. We had a fun doing many different interactive fire themed art.  The children were able to play games that taught them how to Stop, Drop, and Roll. Mrs. Posey’s class shared their fireman tent and fireman gear with us. What a blast we had dressing up and pretending to drive a fire truck. Mrs. Leonard invited us to join the K4 class to make a special fireman treat.

The most important lesson learned this wasn’t about fire safety, but who we can always count on when in need. (God)  The bible lesson about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego was used to represent trust and faith in God. The fire theme seemed appropriate. 🙂 The bible teaches us that we are to only have one God before us. When Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were asked to bow down to a gold statue they refused. They told the King that they only bowed down to God. When the King threatened to throw them in the fire they did not change their mind. Instead, they told the King that if it was God’s will he would protect them. Despite the King mocking them they did not change their mind. They were thrown in to the fire. Their trust and faith in God was rewarded with a guardian angel. They did not catch fire, smell of smoke, or have any evidence of have been in a fire. The King saw that their was a fourth person in the fire. (an angel) He called for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to come out of the fire. The King then ordered everyone to “worship the God” of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They were used to show the mighty power of God. Also, their faith and trust in God was rewarded for others to fall witness. It can changes hearts just like it did the King.  Allow others to see that your trust and faith in God does not falter.

It is never to early for little ones to learn. Their innocence and their growing love for the Lord may bring some hard hearts to their knees. 🙂

Apples, Apples, Apples, Oh My

Our theme this week focused on apples. I have had such a hard time determining which pictures and activities I would like to focus on in this blog. I want to focus on everything! If I did that this blog would be too long and you would lose interest in following along. Each child’s expression and joy of adventure deserves a standing ovation. I would like to highlight a few activities. However, to get the full visual connection to our learning you will be redirected to our class Facebook page to view this weeks album.

In our bible learning we made a biblical reference to creation and God’s love for us. We learned a song called, “Way Up High In An Apple Tree.” Through that song I was able to use that tune to get them to connect by singing, “way up high in the apple tree God created fruit for me.” Ask your child what day God created the trees and fruit. Here are a few highlights of us making God’s apple tree. Few Facebook for more pictures.

2014-09-29_09-52-22_865 2014-09-29_09-58-29_572 2014-09-29_09-59-44_895 2014-09-29_10-10-56_932 2014-09-29_10-11-15_526 2014-09-29_10-21-01_416 2014-09-29_10-22-13_415 2014-09-29_10-25-19_758 2014-09-29_10-27-47_187 2014-09-29_10-29-55_124

We had some fun in language focusing on the letters in our name. Ten Apples Up on Top was our inspiration story. Learning our first name seems to be easier than learning and recognizing their last name. Here are a few highlights. Remember to view our Facebook page for more.

DSC02540 DSC02541 DSC02542 DSC02547 DSC02550 DSC02551 DSC02556 DSC02559 DSC02560 DSC02562 DSC02563 DSC02566 DSC02569  Our apples are now fun for us to use throughout our Fall season of learning.

Everyday we had fun combining science, math, and fine motor together to create new recipes. Here are a some enjoyable highlights.              Don’t forget to few our class Facebook page to enjoy our full visual connection. 

Making Applesauce Play-dough

2014-09-29_10-35-17_153 2014-09-29_10-36-34_244 2014-09-29_10-36-57_780 2014-09-29_10-37-54_781 2014-09-29_10-39-45_233 2014-09-29_10-39-53_678 2014-09-29_10-40-51_180 2014-09-29_10-41-05_183 2014-09-29_10-44-35_545 2014-09-29_10-44-43_77 1411996782769 1411997321270 1411997362873 1411997395430 1411997399190 1411997726987 1411997730958 1411997738998 1411997744639 1411997792878 1411997838929 1411997849018 1411997858595

Make & Bake Apple Cobbler & Apple Pizza

2014-09-30_08-42-31_302 2014-09-30_08-42-33_984 2014-09-30_08-47-54_710 2014-09-30_08-48-01_342 2014-09-30_08-49-35_556 2014-09-30_08-50-05_530 2014-09-30_10-03-11_417 2014-09-30_10-03-41_487 2014-09-30_10-03-48_873 2014-09-30_10-06-11_685 1412080867471 1412080987421 1412081015025 1412081295791 2014-10-01_09-35-03_537 2014-10-01_09-35-53_275 2014-10-01_09-47-25_729 2014-10-01_09-49-35_514 2014-10-01_09-50-41_6 2014-10-01_10-04-02_279 2014-10-01_10-14-15_21 2014-10-01_10-25-43_291 2014-10-01_10-36-05_31 2014-10-01_10-37-03_150 1412173857802 1412173867698 1412173870656 1412174136545 1412174147427 1412174226888

Making Warm Cinnamon Applesauce

 DSC02649 DSC02651 DSC02653 DSC02655 DSC02661

Making Apple Cider Muddy Buddies with the Sixth Grade for the Entire School.

We talked about how it takes Self-Control sometimes to show Love.

We pledged to embrace one another’s differences and Shine our Light towards each one of our CCA Muddy Buddies.

DSC02670 DSC02692 DSC02699 DSC02700 DSC02704 DSC02707 DSC02712 DSC02713 rDSC02715

Creating apple caramel cupcakes.

DSC02726 DSC02728 DSC02729 DSC02731 DSC02733 DSC02734 DSC02736 DSC02739 DSC02741

DSC02743 DSC02744

Apple Sensory Learning


DSC02747 DSC02748 DSC02751 DSC02752 DSC02756 DSC02759 DSC02763 DSC02766 DSC02767 DSC02772 DSC02774 DSC02777 DSC02781 DSC02782 DSC02784 DSC02786 2014-09-29_11-25-42_717 2014-09-29_11-27-45_518 2014-09-29_11-28-37_177 1411996670586 1411996782769 1412004317161 1412004327731 1412004329008

Apple Bowling

2014-09-30_10-39-47_12 2014-09-30_10-56-07_146 2014-09-30_10-52-17_24 2014-09-30_10-45-59_271 2014-09-30_10-42-31_168 2014-09-30_10-41-59_429 2014-09-30_10-39-04_420 2014-09-30_10-39-35_341


Way Up High In An Apple Tree Math

1412015663023 1412015697440 1412015713455

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