Each Caterpillar & Butterfly Flourishing in His Light

Each week we focus on what each child has learned through interactive learning and play. To start this entry off I would like to start with what we learned from the children. If you were to walk into our classroom my assistant and I would be blessed to share with you the joy we receive when caring and teaching our heavenly gifts called, “your children.”  Watching their faces light up with each new accomplishment and waiting to receive their “thumbs up” & “high fives” is priceless. Sometimes we introduce new ideas unsure how the children will respond. When the children are responding with comments such as: “Again, again.” AND “I like this. This is fun.” OR “I want you to come and go on a bear hunt with me.”  EVEN  hearing them mimic and repeat their learning with their friends shows us that in their eyes we are doing something right. Daily my assistant and I pray the we do things right in the eyes of God leading and teaching. We teach and introduce new bible points and share examples how they can shine their lights. They are at such young impressionable ages, however, they are also at an age that learning these Godly characteristics is not always easy.  For example, learning to share and be patient is a huge task.  The children like to see the joy on our face and how much we light up as we witness each of them learning to successfully show love towards one another. We may be appointed at this time to teach your children, but your children have also been appointed at this time to teach us. Their interaction allows us to learn new discoveries through their eyes.

This week we continued exploring our unit book. We were finishing up our story time lines. During all of this they learn that every caterpillar arrives to go forth on a journey before being reborn into a butterfly. Our Caterpillars and Butterflies are walking with one another discovering how they can shine their lights along their journey together discovering how they can become reborn with Christ.

We worked on number matching, number sequence, story time lines, pattern sequence, color matching, and the letter B.

2014-09-22_09-56-05_349 2014-09-22_09-59-10_696 2014-09-22_10-01-21_27 2014-09-22_10-01-29_760 2014-09-22_10-08-57_178 2014-09-22_10-10-12_840 2014-09-22_10-11-13_69 2014-09-22_10-18-47_239 2014-09-22_10-21-43_405 1411394134626 1411394161266 1411394385244 1411394475839 1411394688837 1411394691919 1411394717669 1411395013588 1411395101560 1411395446336 1411395522656 1411395610810 1411395622779 1411395698930 1411395704478 2014-09-23_09-47-16_614 2014-09-23_11-12-18_791 2014-09-23_11-19-58_911 2014-09-23_11-32-00_77 1411479543393 1411479728557 1411479760972 1411480357086 1411485153697 1411485160885 1411485175389 1411485588952 1411485593089 1411485634978 1411485647154 1411485648739 1411485653298 1411485860832 1411485865040 1411486323357 2014-09-25_09-08-23_32 2014-09-25_10-01-38_159 2014-09-25_09-08-23_32 2014-09-25_09-09-05_102 2014-09-25_10-01-38_159 2014-09-25_10-06-19_879


There is more for you to view on our class Facebook page. Make sure to check it out. You will not be disappointed viewing how each child learns. Next week we begin some Fall learning. We will be learning the life cycle of an apple tree. Each day will prompt new discoveries with the use of the apple theme. Trees need roots to help them flourish. The children will learn how to begin to start growing roots and flourishing in God’s wisdom. Godly wisdom helps us make good choices throughout our life.

Keep Your Joy 🙂


Wow, what a busy week!

We managed to finish another week with a lot of fun and learning.

We enjoyed welcoming our new friend and sharing all the fun learning we can now have with him.

2014-09-15_08-47-15_858 - Copy
Welcome Jesse!

We started off our week mixing flour and paint to help create our moons.  The flour allowed the texture of the paint to change. It produced a crater effect on our moons. Did you know that The Very Hungry Caterpillar laid an egg on a leaf in the light of the moon?



image[9] image[10] image[11] image[12] image[13] image[14] image[15] image[16] image[17] image[18] image[19] image[20] image[21] image[22] image[23] image[24] image[26] image[27] image[28] image[29] image[30] image[32] image[33] image[36] image[37] image[38] image[39] image[40] image[41] image[42] image[43] image[44] image[45] image[48] image[50] image[52] image[53]

Then we made our Caterpillars after reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We used balloons to paint the head and body, and a paint brush to paint the feet and antenna.

2014-09-15_11-17-05_177 2014-09-15_11-15-36_471 2014-09-15_11-15-55_183 2014-09-15_11-15-57_144 2014-09-15_11-16-49_843 2014-09-15_11-16-51_486 2014-09-15_11-15-13_666 2014-09-15_11-10-13_544 - Copy 2014-09-15_11-09-09_607 - Copy 2014-09-15_11-08-44_52 - Copy 2014-09-15_11-07-55_872 - Copy 2014-09-15_11-06-38_550 - Copy 2014-09-15_11-05-58_640 - Copy 2014-09-15_11-05-02_433 2014-09-15_11-05-00_989 - Copy 2014-09-15_11-04-00_707 2014-09-15_11-03-41_538 - Copy 2014-09-15_11-02-26_448 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-58-52_489 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-58-49_418 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-58-38_543 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-57-14_72 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-56-49_504 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-56-03_39 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-53-15_891 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-53-05_96 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-52-36_403 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-52-21_775 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-52-00_356 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-51-17_148 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-51-13_319 - Copy 2014-09-15_10-50-47_297 - Copy

Throughout our week we learned many different things. We went on a hunt to help in our learning to identify and count our numbers. We focused on the letter C this week. We engaged in activities that helped us identify the letter C and the sound it makes. Our Language Development song talked about baking a cake. Therefore, we used that line to bake a cake for introducing our country freedom colors. The children were introduced to the Constitution, The Liberty Bell, Freedom Stars, the American Flag, and the Bald Eagle. We shared in discussions followed up by art projects. We were even surprised with a visit from the Mayor.

We used the letter C to make race car tracks. It helped us learn the letter formation. They had a blast learning the finger formation and making their race tracks. Afterward, they made their own race cars.

2014-09-18_10-14-12_597 2014-09-18_10-02-59_34 2014-09-18_10-04-01_683 2014-09-18_10-03-51_703 2014-09-18_10-03-31_144 2014-09-18_10-03-17_235 2014-09-18_10-03-07_987 2014-09-18_10-04-08_5 2014-09-18_10-04-15_998 2014-09-18_10-04-34_74 2014-09-18_10-04-43_560 2014-09-18_10-14-07_638 2014-09-18_10-14-05_588 2014-09-18_10-14-01_993 2014-09-18_10-02-51_341 2014-09-18_10-02-46_913 2014-09-18_10-02-40_739 2014-09-18_10-02-32_786 2014-09-18_09-01-50_695 2014-09-18_08-58-45_26 2014-09-18_08-58-40_330 2014-09-18_08-58-37_891 2014-09-18_08-58-10_861 2014-09-18_08-55-36_248 2014-09-18_08-55-12_10 2014-09-18_08-55-06_569 2014-09-18_08-55-04_53 2014-09-18_08-53-07_42 2014-09-18_08-53-01_671 2014-09-18_08-52-49_788

We went on a letter and number hunt. 

1410876238637 1410876176772 1410876083923 1410876127092 1410875979582 1410875948659 1410875900685 1410875944736 1410875873436 1410875853710 1410875850998 1410873784615 1410873804602 1410873777091 1410873750990 1410873744638 1410873746990 1410873671177 1410873662884 1410873630955 2014-09-16_10-02-29_146 2014-09-16_10-01-21_666 2014-09-16_10-01-19_437 2014-09-16_09-59-42_936 2014-09-16_09-21-08_863 2014-09-16_09-24-31_393 2014-09-16_09-25-25_358

Making our Freedom Stars, Learning Our Country’s Colors, and working our fine motor skills.

1410877169606 1410877174708 1410877162862 2014-09-16_15-26-18_640 2014-09-16_11-28-38_889 2014-09-16_10-20-05_514 2014-09-16_10-17-45_752

DSC02520 DSC02519 DSC02516 DSC02511 DSC02504 DSC02502 DSC02505 DSC02500 DSC02498 DSC02493 DSC02491 DSC02487 DSC02475 DSC02468 DSC02469 DSC02467 DSC02465 DSC02462 DSC02463 DSC02464 DSC02456 DSC02458 DSC02459

Writing our class constitution.

DSC02455 DSC02450

Patriotic Marble Painting


We stayed quite busy. Visit our class Facebook page to view the rest of our week. 🙂

The best way to explore your five senses is with a few friends.

In the Love Fruit Stand Class a continuation of self discovery occurred while exploring their five senses.

The best way to explore one’s five senses is with a friend.

We paired up everyone in a variety of groups throughout the week to allow each child to explore a different friend and learn their interests.

 When we work along side a friend discovering new things we begin to allow the love for others to consume our hearts.

That is the best sense of touch. The one that touches our hearts.  

We learned that we do not have to have the same interests, but we can have similar interests. For example, we explored our five senses making a “Friendship Collage.” We learned we all like to paint, but we all have different ideas when it comes to art.  We combined all of our interests and painted what we imagined in our minds to create a huge masterpiece. When it was finished and hung on the wall each child smiled.

DSC02179 DSC02178 DSC02177 DSC02176 DSC02175 DSC02174 DSC02173DSC02181


Our science project was with no exception of the amount of fun we had exploring our senses.

We choose to create a “Shaving Cream Ice Cream Sundae.”

This too, was a project that did not allow us to explore our sense of taste. Instead, we used every other sense to create a visual creation of an ice cream sundae. It was such a fun way to allow the children to use some fine motor skills and identify colors.

2014-09-05_10-33-08_49 2014-09-05_10-35-47_473 2014-09-05_10-36-13_257 2014-09-05_10-36-59_784 2014-09-05_10-39-13_404 2014-09-05_10-40-27_321 2014-09-05_10-40-43_412 2014-09-05_10-40-51_113 2014-09-05_10-49-59_66 2014-09-05_10-50-01_542 1409927755803 1409927769507 1409927831586 1409927839055 1409927871481 1409927889587 1409927921486 1409927950961 1409928020536 1409928034513 1409928046428 1409928583227 1409928593773 1409928609315 1409927683858 1409927681246 1409927679588

I think the class favorite for the week was our “Volcano Eruptions.”

Each child choose the color of their volcano. We used vinegar, water, baking soda, and water colors to create an eruption of bubbles.

 My favorite quote from a child this week was -“The bubbles are blooming.” 🙂 

DSC02281 DSC02280 DSC02279 DSC02278 DSC02277 DSC02276 DSC02275 DSC02274 DSC02269 DSC02273 DSC02272 DSC02271 DSC02270 DSC02265 DSC02266 DSC02267 DSC02264 DSC02263 DSC02262 DSC02261 DSC02260 DSC02255 DSC02256 DSC02257 DSC02258 DSC02259 DSC02253 DSC02252 DSC02250 DSC02249 DSC02248 DSC02247 DSC02246 DSC02245 DSC02244 DSC02239 DSC02240 DSC02241 DSC02242 DSC02243 DSC02238 DSC02237 DSC02236 DSC02235 DSC02234 DSC02233 DSC02232 DSC02231

This was a very fun week of self discovery for each child to find what gets them excited. I would have to say each child found out that they quite enjoy learning alongside a friend. Each child grew founder of one another and showed love towards one another by sharing and taking turns.

DSC02229 DSC02228 DSC02226 DSC02224 DSC02223 DSC02220 DSC02219 DSC02221 DSC02218 DSC02213 DSC02212 DSC02211 DSC02204 DSC02206 DSC02207 DSC02208 DSC02200 DSC02202 DSC02180 DSC02203 DSC02290 DSC02289 DSC02287 DSC02286 DSC02284 DSC02291 DSC02292 DSC02293 DSC02299 DSC02298 DSC02297 1409928046428 1409928593773 1409928583227 1409928676500 2014-09-05_10-49-59_66

If you would like to enjoy more about our week I encourage  you to explore our class photo album. 

We also learned to be thankful to God for giving us our five senses. Each day we prayed and sang songs of praise to our creator. We even grew in knowledge during our bible teaching of “Little Pot” during chapel.  We sang songs of praise with the entire school. When we returned to class we made homemade paint using glue, water, and old bay seasoning to paint our own little pots.

2014-09-05_09-59-56_532 2014-09-05_09-21-41_352 1409925610993 1409925267106 1409923977513 2014-09-05_09-30-52_977 2014-09-05_09-59-56_532 2014-09-05_10-09-54_280

Next week we will begin our adventure of learning the different emotions God has created within us. As we grow and learn together we hope the love of Jesus consumes our hearts with more patience and understanding as each of us learn how to be responsible with our  own emotions. We will continue our self awareness in this theme as we begin to identify, write, and spell our first and/or our last name. Walk around our campus and look for your child’s work that is posted throughout the school. Your child would love to share their work with you.


Our First Week


Our First Week 

This was an outstanding first week. All the the children did an excellent job transitioning into their new home away from home. If you asked me, it sure did not look or feel like we were only together for a few short days. I am excited to grow and learn with an amazing group of young children. I am truly blessed! I am thrilled to share my love and passion for learning with young children with this group. Our week started with many hugs and kisses throughout the day.

On our first day, we started with a field trip to help everyone get familiarized with their surroundings outside of our classroom. The school is much bigger than our classroom. The children explored all the many different elements the school offers them. For example, the library, our school nurse, our school principal, the sixth grade class, the gym, and what they all do for us. 





DSC01957 IDSC01956 DSC01955 DSC01954 DSC01953 DSC01952 DSC01951 DSC01950 DSC01949


We discovered many different things about ourselves this week. We learned that we all are unique and have similarities.

Who am I? Can you identify the likes and differences in these eyes? 

1409149993519 DSC02047 DSC02072 DSC02062 DSC02055 DSC02054 DSC02077 DSC02084 DSC02093 DSC02100 DSC02111



We were able to learn more about one another through our show and tell. We even learned how to share and let others appreciate some of the things we like too. 

Orlando likes dump trucks.
Alex likes dinosaurs.
It is fun when friends share their toys.
Mason really liked the dinosaur.
Charlie came over to investigate.
Jame’s keyboard was a hit!
Bryson likes cars.
Caleb was excited to share his Transformers back pack.


Lillian had a really neat doll the class enjoyed.
McKinley was excited to share her Chuck-E-Cheese photo.

2014-08-28_11-25-05_178 2014-08-28_11-21-35_496 2014-08-28_11-21-31_559 2014-08-28_11-21-11_710 2014-08-28_11-18-53_669 2014-08-28_11-18-00_533



We learned many different things this week. We explored the letter D, started learning about the number 1, and about how God created the earth. In all the activity during the week we did not forget to have fun in the process. Here are a few sneak peaks at our week. Log on to the Class Facebook page to view more pictures.

1409319397761 1409316801681 1409316404766 1409316344699 1409316411409 2014-08-29_11-17-33_409 2014-08-29_11-18-16_362 2014-08-29_11-16-43_106 2014-08-29_11-16-30_107 2014-08-29_11-15-21_740 2014-08-29_11-14-23_833 2014-08-29_11-12-02_783 2014-08-29_10-33-26_759 2014-08-29_10-18-56_353 2014-08-29_10-13-12_111 2014-08-29_10-12-56_550 2014-08-29_10-17-47_787 2014-08-29_09-55-08_328 2014-08-29_09-55-05_112 2014-08-29_09-54-57_343 DSC02144 2014-08-29_08-45-53_791 DSC02143 DSC02142 DSC02133 DSC02139 DSC02138 DSC02140 DSC02141 DSC02136 DSC02135 1409150243062 DSC02125 DSC01947


I look forward to seeing everyone next week.

We will explore friendships, volcanic eruptions, tornado’s, and many other exciting things.

There are always new adventures happening in the Love Class.