Introducing our new friend – Alex.

Alex has been enjoying his new friends. 🙂

We are so glad to have him!












Hi Love Caterpillar Parents,

This week has come to an end. We have been busy preparing for our Literacy Event. They have done an outstanding job preparing their presentation and their binders. I sure hope you do not miss out on an extraordinary day attending your child’s Literacy Event, Tuesday, March 18th, from 10:00 to 11:00. It will be a great day of learning with your child. I have three parents who have volunteered their time to assist with our Carnival of Learning. I would like for those parents to also have an opportunity to walk around and enjoy each learning center. Is anyone else willing to volunteer for rotations so this is able to happen? If so, please contact me this weekend. We have nine total booths with five volunteers between the two Love Classes. The two Love classes will be joining one another for the Carnival of Learning section of our Literacy Event. Both classes will begin separately and then join for the carnival of learning portion. At the end of the event the children will be encouraged to use the restroom before having some free time on the playground. Our Literacy Booth volunteers may not be able to stay afterward and help clean up. Would anyone like to help clean up afterward? It would be greatly appreciated.  Please come expecting to have fun, fun, and more fun. J The kids and I will walk you through a glimpse of what a nine week period looks like for them. Learning is not all about textbooks, worksheets, and tests. Learning can be creative and fun sparking the mind to eagerly want to learn more.

We have welcomed another new student to our class. His name is Brenden Waddler. Please welcome him and his parents with a warm hello as you graciously do everyone. J The week following our Literacy Event we will also be blessed with our first grade teacher’s son, Alex Rhodes. Our class is continuing to grow. If you know anyone looking for a place for their child, encourage them to come and check us out.

As a reminder, the weather is changing and I ask that each parent checks their child’s cubby for appropriate clothing attire. I know we are still unsure when the weather will be warm again, but please be mindful of season change and size change. I ask that each child has extra socks and shoes as well. If you child is potty training please send it pull-ups as opposed to diapers. We are training each child how to have bathroom independence. Diapers
prohibit us from being able to teach a child how to pull down and pull up their underpants. Thank you for your understanding!

God is good all the time! Often we get busy and are not aware of others around us. Please remember to pray for one another. We are a family unit here at CCA and I would like each of you to know that parents and I are continually praying over you and your family. We do not need to know the needs to pray for unspoken prayer request. Enjoy church on Sunday.

Everyone have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

See you next week!


Dental Week

Making toothpaste and learning how to use it is a lot of fun for a preschooler. 🙂

Dental Week
DSC00566 DSC00567
DSC00568 DSC00569













                                                   It is time to practice brushing.





                                                                   Time to rinse.     


                   We have to brush our teeth to keep them from turning yellow.


                                  Now it is time to practice brushing our molars.




We also enjoyed a toothbrush tossing game this week. They were even able to learn how to dental floss their teeth. I was excited when some shared they floss at home already. 🙂 Since President’s Day fell on the same week we were able to talk about George Washington’s teeth and learn what happened to his teeth. I showed them pictures of his teeth and the reactions were priceless. Kids love to learn by doing, seeing, singing, and sharing their experiences with you. 🙂  Their favorite songs during this week were from YouTube. (   and    and )