End of our Week

Hi Everyone!

Can you believe the week we have had? The snow was awesome! I hope everyone had a great time with their family playing the snow. Hard to believe it is over. I kept thinking today was Monday due to our time off for snow. Today will probably be the last day to enjoy any snow that is left. I am sure it will all melt in the forty degree weather tomorrow. Do not be fooled, it will drop again and keep the need to make sure the kids come to school bundled up. 

The two days we spent together was productive and fun. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete all we wanted. Therefore, part of this week’s lesson will forward into next week. We will move forward Wednesday with a new lesson theme. Be on the lookout Monday for the upcoming events in our room. We will be inviting to more friends in our classroom soon. James and Maddox will soon be a part of our learning and fun.

Next Friday, the 31st of January, is our Nacho Fiesta. Please plan to attend and bring a friend to invite to enroll for next year. If they have child that will be 2 ½ in the Fall or soon after encourage them to come and enjoy the discounted enrollment. At the very least they will be able to take a tour and enjoy a good Mexican dinner.  Our Fiesta Book Fair will be open that night as well. Come ready and prepared to help your youngster pick out a good book to enjoy with you.

Have a Christ and family filled weekend!

In His Service,
Keeping My Joy,

Mrs. Pierce

James 1:22


We welcome back one another in the New Year with our Literacy Event

We come back from Christmas break and get to enjoy a new friend. His name is Caleb.


Then we get blessed to spend time together talking about everything we learned during our nine weeks of

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.


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  • For review of more pictures of our event please check out the link below.




Our class is growing and we will be welcoming two more friends in our next nine week segment.

We welcome Maddox and James to our room. Pictures of them to come soon.

We look forward to your first day of school with us. Here is a peek at a few fun things we do in our class.

2014-01-08_11-34-32_998 2014-01-08_11-34-22_190 2014-01-08_11-33-06_571 2014-01-08_11-28-31_658 2014-01-08_11-28-29_367 2014-01-08_11-32-58_719 2014-01-08_11-32-29_909 2014-01-08_11-30-48_102 2014-01-08_11-29-56_22 2014-01-08_11-29-31_252 2014-01-08_11-28-33_776 1389210449668 1389210451017 1389210489609 1389210490204 2014-01-08_11-02-47_105 2014-01-08_11-10-34_125 2014-01-08_11-14-28_35 2014-01-08_11-21-20_199 1389210448551 2013-11-15_11-47-24_474 2013-11-15_11-45-10_749 2013-11-15_11-45-49_268 2013-11-15_11-41-15_578 2013-11-15_11-39-13_808 2013-11-15_11-09-16_277 2013-11-15_08-29-27_521 1389210452749 1721 1723 1685 1669 1667 2013-11-13_10-37-58_752 2013-11-13_10-39-09_39 A window into a few fun things we do in our class.