Merry Christmas! The kids did an excellent job today with the whole group practice for their Christmas program. Please plan on attending next, Thursday, December 19th, at 7 p.m. Please drop your child off at 6:40 in the church nursery area. You are welcome to keep your child’s coat with you. You will be picking your child up from the stage. The attire that night is to come dressed up as a sports fan. Remember to bring your camera. J If there is anyone who will be unable to attend that evening, please let me know.

The next day, Friday, December 20th, is the Christmas school wide pajama day. This will be a fun time for us all. They are welcome to come with a pillow and blanket for movie time.

We had a good week together. Thank you everyone for sharing treats and Christmas items for our friends to share together this week. We also enjoyed celebrating some birthdays since Thanksgiving. We celebrated TJ’s and Savannah’s birthday. Everyone in our class is growing, maturing, and having fun learning together.

Next week we will continue the Christmas theme. They will have some unusual learning math and science activities involving a Christmas tree and ornaments. The kids and I have been working on a Christmas surprise together. If there will be someone not attending next week their normal schedule, please let me know.

Have a fun and blessed family filled weekend.

Merry Christmas! Pass on that Jesus is the reason for the season. It has nothing to do with Santa, Elf on the Shelf, or presents underneath the tree. We have talked and learned all about the message of Christmas all week and will continue through next week.

Welcome our new friend, Rachel, when you see here at CCA and CBC. We are enjoying her addition to our group.

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