Hi Everyone!

This is a take on our week together. We had a good time. The kids put a smile on my face and in my heart. We explored the sheep and the wool they provide for us. They learned that sheep help make our sweaters and even our rugs. Some did not believe that cows give us steak and hamburger. They all said they would not eat a pig, but they would eat bacon. J It was funny when we had chicken legs for lunch. They refused to believe it came from a chicken.

We made foam paint with glue and shaving cream to create sheep. They also had fun creating pigs, cows, chickens, farm tractors, and farmers.

The Black Raven taught about Elijah in the bible. Did you know a Raven fed Elijah when he went to the ravine? Elijah was also seen by Elisha in a gold chariot. Ask your child about that scene in the bible.

We explored letter writing to the letters R & S and song some letter R and S songs. We made human letters and noodle letters. Our letter game was fun and we will continue to do that one. It was a big hit. They also enjoyed our scarecrow dice and match game.

In Music and Movement we sang: Baa Baa Black Sheep, Counting Chicken, Old McDonald, PIG, Animal sounds, How do you spell, and Ten Black Crows.

Have a good weekend everyone. God Bless – Jesus Loves You!

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