Fire Extinguishers


                                                                                             We were all about Fire Safety this week.

                                                           We learned when to Stop, Drop, and Roll – and – when to Stop, Duck, and Crawl.

                                              Making Fire Extinguishers was fun. Making foam for the fire extinguisher brought a lot of laughs.

                                                                          If your child accidently dials 911 on your cell phone – “sorry!”  🙂

                           Then again, you may want to thank me if you ever find yourself in a situation that requires your child to dial 911 for you.


Fire Safety Awareness Tuesday

Learning About Fire Trucks and where things are positioned on a fire truck. Fire trucks have many things attached to them that help us when there is a fire. Firemen sometimes need to use ladders. We glued them on our truck where you would find their ladder. Firemen do many things, but they are best known for putting out fires. Our Fire Truck in on top of our Fire Finger Paint. We sang our Fire Safety song “Get Out” when we were finished.

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Fire Safety is our theme. Day 1 brought fun when learning 911. We practiced with a real phone. Mom and Dad please beware that 911 works even when the phone is off. The battery was out of the phone we are using. 🙂  We started our Fire Safety Word exploration with the word Firemen. Firemen have special gear that help keep them protected from fire. It opened the door to talk about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They were thrown into a fire and were not able to enter the fire with protective gear. However, because God was pleased with their obedience to his Word, God protected them and allowed them to walk away unharmed. 

Stay tuned for some more biblical integration. You also will not want to miss our Rockin Fire Safety Jamz! 🙂  We learned one totally cool song today. I am sure you heard your child singing the song already.  😉

Positional Awareness

We had fun identifying positional parts of an apple tree. One area of focus was top and bottom. When each child created their own apple tree they had the opportunity to add texture to the tree bark. Texture was added with the assistance of a leaf and a branch stick. The apple tree was also used to talk about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

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