2012/2013 Teacher of the Year at CCA

Photo: Teacher of the Year 2013: Miss Brittany Parsons


Presenting the Apple to the Teacher of the Year for 2012/2013.

Congratulations Brittany! I am proud to say I work along side you.

I know the “Joy” you are feeling at your Award Banquet @ Regent University tonight.

May God continue to bless you and the life’s you touch through your dedication to grow a  child.



Hi Parents,

Apples were our theme this week. There is so much to learn from a tiny apple seed. We investigated every inch of the Apple and the Apple Tree.

How neat it was to learn things through your child’s vision. J We reviewed all of our letters we have learnt thus far in our Letter Focus time.  A is also for Apple, not just for alligator. J We reviewed our numbers and focused on the number five. Our positional concepts this week were top, bottom, and middle. The apple helped us learn our positional concepts; along with the apple tree. In bible we talked about the Apple Tree. (Gen2:16-17)

I know I say every week we have fun, but we really do! I think this week has been the most fun. Everyone is feeling pretty comfortable and confident and engaging extremely well. They had no idea they were being assessed because creativity made it fun. We tasted different kinds of apples and graphed our results. We went on a scavenger hunt for a number and letter match. We even went on a shape hunt. Play dough Math was a hit. We read the stories Ten Apples Up on Top, Apple Pie Tree, and more. We are learning that in literacy print matters. We started working on our new word wall cards. To go along with that we made our very own emergent reader book. I know they are too young to read. They will need your help. The importance is to get their interest for print they see and come across daily.

Jesus is always finding his way in our room. J We had a visit from Scamper the Dog to share how love can consume our hearts. All but one enjoyed the puppet showed. We had one child that did not want to get too close to Scamper. We had to make sure Scamper was asleep after bible so our friend could enjoy the Scamper too. It was helpful when Scamper gave everyone kisses. He also helped us when we did our picture sequence cards to the bible story. Scamper even prayed for us every day. Our friends showed great love towards a friend who was unable to attend this week by praying for him every day. We look forward to Kingston’s return. J

Our art proved to be fun and educational. We made apple trees, apple prints, special apple keepsakes, identified different apple colors, made apples big and small, and we even made our own apple forest to help learn the life cycle. We will be having our Fall Harvest in the preschool department October 29th. Please be thinking ahead of time how you would like to help out. J A Big Shout out the sixth grade. They helped us with some of our Math graphing. It was nice to watch the older children work with the little ones. God loves us all from the youngest to the oldest.

Look for pictures soon to be posted.

Have a blessed weekend.


Mrs. Pierce


God Created the Apple Tree

What a week we are having. If learning could be this much fun for adults in school.  🙂

We have learned that Jesus has a Dad and his name is God. God created Apples and the Tree just for you and me.

We are learning to thank God for the things he provided for us. There is a story in the bible about The Apple Tree too.

Please read the story with your child about Adam and Eve. Let them discover with you the first place the Apple Tree was discovered.



End of the week Newsletter

2013-09-17_09-54-17_275We explored our five senses this week. The kids enjoyed digging into our sensory boxes, feeler trays, noise makers, and viewing with our telescope eyes.

Of course, we had to have some tasting experiments too! We graphed what they liked and what they did not like so much. Did you know Kale can help fruit turn into a yummy drink? That is if you can bypass the color green. 🙂    The Letter C was fun to learn with Cookie Monster. We sang, “The Letter C is Good Enough for Me.” We incorporated bible with our letter c learning. We learned that Jesus said, “Let the little Children come to me” We referenced the two words that began with the letter C. Our learning shape was diamond. We made diamonds in the sky. 🙂 As for our science, we made a tasty creation, made some sticky goop, and had fun feeling and drawing with some white foam. Math was a hit with our number sensory sounds. Now…..off to prepare for next week’s big adventure.

2013-09-17_11-13-50_755   2013-09-17_11-50-29_1          2013-09-17_10-21-43_230

Do Not Forget – Monday is MIXED MATCH DAY in preschool. Pass the word along and tell a friend. 🙂

Keep Your Joy and Be Blessed this Weekend!

Mixed Match Monday Event

If your child will be in preschool on Monday, September 23rd – We are having a Mixed Match Monday. Come with clothes on that do not match, does not make sense together, different shoes, socks….the works. We will be doing things all day long that is Mixed Match. We will have creative learning centers, games and much more. Each individual teacher will also post email reminders. This is ONLY for the preschool department.

Weekly Newsletter

Good Evening!

What a busy week! I hope your son/daughter shared some of it with you. We had tons of fun. We finished our time with the letters A & B. Ask them about the creative ways we explored them each day. J We talked, we sang, and had alligator fun all around the room. We even had fun with an antelope or two. We practiced our writing all kinds of neat ways with cornmeal, play dough, and more finger fun. B was cool with balls and balloons.

Bible taught us all about how to love. We can love one another and God above. They did an excellent job remembering the finger play to Jesus Loves Me.

We had several adventures. We explored our school, investigated differences in leaves. We even turned some of our leaves into caterpillars. Were you aware that when leaves start to turn they can begin to look like a caterpillar’s back?

Tune in next week to discover what things we will do. J

Have a blessed weekend! Let God bless each of you in church on Sunday. Please add one of our friend’s in your prayers this weekend. Autumn went home sick at the end of the day.

Keep Your Love Growing,

Mrs. Pierce



1378821602604What a busy week. This was one way we worked on building our writing skills. They thought it was fun practicing their formation with cornmeal.

Of course, we did many other fun things to help build their skills. This is only a highlight clip. Learning the letter A and B sure was fun.

Ask us anything about alligators, antelope, balloons, and balls.